Eco Friendly House Designs Adelaide

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Eco Friendly House Designs Adelaide
With the rise of global warming, eco friendly house designs Adelaide are becoming increasingly more popular amongst home-owners in Australia. But what exactly are eco friendly homes and what’s the craze all about? Building an eco friendly home can be achieved in a number of ways such as by reducing the amount of waste during the construction process, using sustainable materials, or employing solar heating and cooling. Here at Lumea Building Group, we bring your vision to life, while also helping you reduce your carbon footprint in the process. While eco friendly homes are extremely aesthetically pleasing, they also have a number of benefits. Firstly, eco friendly house designs Adelaide can greatly reduce your bills; from water and energy efficiency, all the way through to lower building materials costs. They also require less maintenance and can generate higher property value.

About Our Process
If you’ve been looking for the best eco friendly house designs Adelaide, talk to the team at Lumea Building Design today! While many assume that eco friendly homes are a luxury, Lumea Building Design provide sustainable and stylish homes at a great price. Through a combined love and passion for design, in conjunction with our commitment to reducing waste, Lumea Building Design make eco friendly housing a reality. Regardless of style and budget, Lumea Building Design can help! From your primary consultation, we aim to understand your lifestyle and needs so that we can create the perfect space for you and your family. Following the consultation, Lumea Building Group will create a 3D and 2D floor plan to provide you with a better feel for the form and function of the design. Even post-design, we extend our management services and work with the construction partner to achieve the best results.

The benefits of working with Lumea Building Design
We’re South Australia’s leading choice for eco friendly house designs Adelaide because of our core company values. These are simplicity, affordability, quality and sustainability. Our Director, David Wall, set out with a mission to make eco friendly designs more attainable for the everyday Australian. We achieve this by value engineering the project from end to end, and conducting adequate market research to make sure all fittings and fixtures serve you financially down the track. In terms of simplicity, we completely remove the stress from the process. We’ll manage the building consent, tendering to find the ideal construction team, and sourcing your fittings and interior selections. As earlier mentioned, we’ll even stay on board throughout the construction process. We’ll make sure every aspect of the build goes exactly according to plan. Call us to start discussing your eco friendly house designs Adelaide on 0414 706 448!

Looking to create eco friendly house designs Adelaide that won’t break the bank? Choose Lumea Building Design. Our comprehensive drafting process will enable you to fully visualise your project before committing to the build. Call us on 0414 706 448 or contact our Director David via to receive your free quote.